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30 Mar

So lately, Karma is not on my side. I thought 2010 was going to be different than 2009. So far, if anything it’s not proving to be true. I received a letter from my Rheumatologist saying that he was retiring and that I would be moved over to a new clinic. I knew he would be retiring soon, but it’s still sad. I’ve been seeing him for 10 years and he has helped me keep my pain under control. Although, I’m trying to see it as a new opportunity because I am feeling a little more pain than my normal everyday wear and tear I bring upon myself. My left hip is aching all the time now. It sometimes feels like it is grinding or has a plate in between the hip and joint. It feels like it is sticking out and everyone can see it. It only gets worse as the medication is wearing off. Therefore my left knee is affected, which then affects my left ankle. Oh the joys of having this bone connected to this bone disease. The same day I heard about the news about my Dr. Rheumy, my husband fractured his ankle while walking off of the soccer field. SUPER!!

On Wednesday, March 10, my dogs Mizar, Phoenix, and Cent escaped out of our backyard. We didn’t even know that they had escaped. We only knew they had escaped because Phoenix came running to the front door which immediately alerted my husband. He followed Phoenix to find the others. Because of his ankle situation, he had to hobble a mile to get to the other dogs. By the time he got there, he saw animal control had picked up Cent and Mizar was nowhere to be seen. The lady with Animal Control was very nice, told him that Mizar had been taken to the emergency vet because he had been hit by a car. YES, HIT BY A CAR!! She offered him a ride back to the house to drop off Cent and Phoenix. Mizar had been hit and the person did not stop. Somebody else called in the accident. The person reported that after the hit, Mizar climbed his way out of the middle of the street!!

There were a few days of not knowing of whether or not he was going to survive. His lungs had been punctured, his liver took a dive, and his pelvis was broken in THREE places. Luckily enough, the rest of his internal organs survived, his lungs were able to heal and he went into hip surgery a week later. He now has FIVE SCREWS in his hip!! The head of his femur was cut off, and he will definitely have arthritis. My poor puppy. He is only 20 months old!!

He is doing well now. It truly is a miracle. The police officer said he was hit at 40 miles an hour. AMAZING! Part of Mizar’s recovery is he is to keep his hip moving. We go on several walks, which is nice because it’s getting me moving and probably in the right way, instead of running. We are now up to a mile at a time with several trips around the block, and recently  completed a trip to Home Depot in his cute red bandana supporting the Denver Arthritis Walk. People are more empathic seeing a dog dressed up, shaved down and limping.

Just got done with our daily walk!

The same day Mizar went in his for his surgery, I visited a new infusion center. The appointment in the past has typically taken an hour and half. I walk in, get my drug, and walk out. This last appointment took THREE HOURS! I don’t know how I’m going to survive. I have a job and the infusion center isn’t very flexible with their hours. Well, no wonder they can’t do a 3 o’clock appointment. They would be there until 6pm. Which means I might have to start taking the time off from work to get my medication. To feel like a sick person. So, I think that’s going to be the most frustrating thing with this transition.

The first hour is to see my regular doctor. I met the new doctor and we talked about my pain in my hip. At my next infusion appointment, I’m having x-rays done on my hips. Although, there is good news! My new doctor informed me that with having AS, I shouldn’t be experiencing any pain AT ALL. So, we are working together to manage my pain so I can get back to my ‘normal’ active lifestyle. I’m trying to stay positive with all of this bad Karma around me. So – I do like that they keep me comfortable, how they take my blood at the same time they give me my infusion, and of course I get my regular appointment at the same time as my infusion. Now, if only I can work on them getting my infusion done in an hour and half, not the 2 hour mark. I’ve been on the medication for 9 years now and 7 of those years I’ve had it completed in an hour and half. I’m going to say something to them at my next appointment. Otherwise, I think I might go NUTS.

I’m really mad at myself right now. I played my typical Sunday soccer game. Things were going well. I was covering an opposing teammate. As I was running backwards, I tripped over myself and rolled my right ankle. As I fell on my butt feeling foolish because I basically tripped myself, I see that I wore the wrong shoes the first half. I FORGOT TO CHANGE THEM!!! Something so simple!! Its swollen, hurts to walk on, and its throbbing. Oh goodie. Hopefully the pain goes away within a week so I don’t have to get an X-ray on my ankle as well.

One of the ways I manage my pain is participating and volunteering for the Denver Arthritis Walk. I’m not one to sit around and wait for things to happen. I’m active and involved. I’m the co-chair for the walk again this year and we’re starting the walk strong! So, please donate!! Visit and sign up for my team “Peachey’s Pack”. I would love to celebrate with you! If you can’t make it to the walk, please still consider donating. This is my lifestyle we’re talking about, so anything that I can do to change it, I’m going to do it!

Here is to good deeds changing my Karma!!