Brain Fog

22 Jan

The last few days my ‘brain fog’ has been getting worse. I don’t think it’s helped by late nights with my husband, early mornings and 10 hour work days.

I think the worse part about this is that I’ve had low energy to do anything once I’m done working. I hate having limited energy in the morning. It makes getting up and exercising virtually impossible. Lately, its been taking me a half hour to 45 minutes to get out of bed. That’s not normal for me, but I’ve noticed that the more stress I am, the worse it is. Its definitely making training for my 5k run harder.

The easy way to relieve stress is to exercise, but when you physically can’t move, what are you to do?

I have found for myself that the easiest way for me to get through this ‘fog’ is to either move or sleep. Boy, sometimes I wish I could take a nap at work. However, it explains why children in elementary school have recess.

I really miss recess. If businesses had playgrounds outside of their office I think more adults would go outside for 10-30 minutes during their lunch and just let loose. No more high strung, high stress environment.

So, this weekend I have a get together with some girlfriends. Were planning on drinking some wine and eating some delicious food. I love that.

But I’m really excited for soccer to start. I plan to take my dog, Mizar out for a run or if the very least, a walk. He deserves it SO much. Poor guy. I’m also planning on taking my husband to the park. It’s official. We, as adults, need to get out and act like children. GO PLAY and get out of the FOG!


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