5k run

17 Jan

OMG! It’s 2010 and way past the halfway mark in January. I’m just now starting to think of my 2010 New Years Resolutions. I’m thinking that by doing this, I might actually DO THEM!

One of my New Years Resolutions is to run a 5k run. I’m not a runner. I used to be before I destroyed my ankle impressing a guy back in college. Some people say the good old days; I just look at is as stupidity. Anyway, ever since about 2 years ago I started playing co-ed non-competitive soccer, I’ve become more inclined to run. It gets me out of my head.  I understand those who say running de-stresses you. It does for me and believe me there has been a huge amount of stress.

We also got 3 black lab puppies about 18 months ago. More stories about them to come in the future, I’m sure. Probably once I find my stupid camera cord to load up the recent incidents and events. Let’s just say tealight candles, bbq pit, and Christmas.

Anyway, where was I? Oh ya, the 5k run. With having 3 labs, the best way to run them into the ground is quiet literally running with them. It’s taken about their entire lifetime to finally get them to run well with me. Actually, only 1 of them does, so we go together. His name is Mizar.

The only downside to this resolution is something that you may be aware of by now. I’ve got arthritis. Yesterday, I could not move at all. Not because of running. It was all due to the stress, to many late nights (no, not drinking!! actually volunteering and having a girls night), and lack of exercise. I was so stiff. I’ve never been that sore and that stiff. EVER! So, since this afternoon I was feeling much better and it was a gorgeous day out, I took advantage of it.

WOW, did I take advantage of it. I usually only run about a mile. By the time I’m half way through I want to puke and usually can’t breathe. Not today. Mizar and I ran. We ran to the park, around the park, through the park, stopped off and said hello to a baby black lab (boy is that owner in for some surprises!), and then ran back home. It was a total of 2 miles. Again, the huge WOW factor kicked in. What am I doing? Am I becoming a runner? And why am I not stiff?

It’s hard to say that I’m a runner when I have arthritis. However, one of my personal goals in life is to run a 5k. I want to say that I did. I want to know that I did, I succeeded at it, and did it while having arthritis. So, the rest of the next two months, my blogs will be about my trials and successes of running for my 5k in March.

Don’t worry, I’ll post about the 3 black lab puppies as they’re a part of this journey as well!


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