My Issue with Shoes

28 Sep

I love when the weather changes to cooler temperatures but my body is completely sore and tired. This drastic change isn’t doing anyone a favor. On top of it, I think everyone I know is sick. I DON’T WANT TO BE SICK. YOU SICK PEOPLE STAY AWAY! Although, I can’t really say that, and I don’t want to look like an H1N1 freak, so I’ll just shut up and take my vitamins. 😀

I hate being stressed out. It only makes the potential sick issue worse. SICK PEOPLE STAY AWAY! Therefore, you would think that I wouldn’t want multiple tasks on my plate, except I do. I REALLY DO! I like being busy. It keeps my mind off thinking of dealing with the pain. Although, my pain isn’t as bad as those I know who suffer with arthritis. I know some whose drugs don’t work. This is why one of the reasons why I participate in the Arthritis Walk. It helps maintain and increase the research for arthritis to find new drugs and hopefully one day a treatment.

So as you can guess it, we’re off to another year for the 2010 Denver Arthritis Walk. I have been asked to co-chair again and to take a larger roll. I’m very excited about it. We have some open positions available on our committee; so if you’re interested, please let me know. The time commitment is fairly minimal and we’re a great group of people. Plus, we love WINE!

Another thing with this time of year that I love, other than the committee getting going on the Arthritis Walk, and the cooler temperatures is I get to wear my flat shoes again. Oh the pain I’ve been in this summer. About 2 months ago my left big toe was starting to give me issues. Swelling up, red hot, and frozen with pain. So, I started to research shoes. I’m so THRILLED that this fall season is all about flats. Hello cute shoes! However, my budget is very tight at the moment. Bummer. I have all of these high heels, which I can’t and won’t wear anymore. I don’t want to wear anymore. I can’t. It’s not worth the pain. I hate the saying Beauty equals Pain. Obviously that person never had arthritis when dealing with their normal pain. However, my mother asked me the other day, while it was 80 degrees outside, “I’ve finished your sister’s Christmas shopping, so please send me your list.” Oh bliss! I have a whole list…including SHOES.

The next time I saw her after sending over my list, she asked me “Why all of the shoes?” “Well mom, my feet are killing me. I’m tired of wearing my sneakers and my 1 comfy pair of flats to work, ALL THE TIME. Flats are in this year and I need to update my wardrobe. Plus, my left big toe is giving me issues. Mom: “Wait a minute, your left big toe is giving you issues? You should go see my doctor.”

The doctor she is referring to is a surgeon who just did surgery on her bunion. Umm, I think I’ll try getting the new shoes first, then if that doesn’t help, I’ll try some other methods before seeing a doctor who wants to do surgery. She completely understood, however I was warned that I would be trying on these shoes to make sure they’ll fit. SMART MAMA! She understands shoes don’t just fit my feet, they have to feel like comfortable pieces, like they were made for my feet. Not only do I have my stupid left big toe to worry about but I have my stupid left index toe as well. It was broken over 10 years ago by moving a box and some idiot dropped it on my foot. At the time I didn’t know I had arthritis. Now, I have an ugly toe that is permanently bent. The joys of dealing with and looking at arthritis.

Broken Toe pic

Painful Joint

So, my mom is a hot tamale train in getting her Christmas shopping done. She already had a pair for me to try on within 10 days. OMG! And oh they were so cute. DANGEROUS! Usually means they won’t fit. Or they will hurt in about 1 hour (normal person without arthritis probably about 5 hours). They fit. They actually fit. They’re beautiful, my ugly left index toe doesn’t peak out weird, my big left toe is adjusted quiet comfortably, oh and the soul of the shoe has rubber on it for extra support. They’re absolutely perfect! Wearable, functional, and adorable…all in one. TOTALLY ME!

As I’m jumping up for joy with these new shoes on, my husband walks into the room and is completely mortified. “WHAT, MORE SHOES?!” Oh here we go. No honey, I’m getting rid of the high heels, except for the ones that are comfortable to my feet (I have 3 and their totally summer shoes, so that really doesn’t count). “WHAT, YOU’RE GETTING RID OF THEM?! DON’T DO THAT…SELL THEM!” Genius, pure genius he is!

Now I just have to wait until Christmas to have them. DANG IT! AHHHH! This is going to be torture. Wait a minute. Going to be? IT IS TORTURE!

That night I had a dream about shoes. More and more shoes. Flooding my wardrobe. Now I’ll have all of these cute shoes and need to update my wardrobe. WRONG. That’s what I love about shoes. They can go with anything. However, a few minor updates wouldn’t hurt anymore…hmmmm.

However, I did get a nice surprise the next morning at work. My co-worker brought in a pair of shoes she bought that are a size too small for her. WAIT, WHAT?! BRILLIANT! I take a look at the shoes and they have 1 inch THICK heel. Okay, no big deal. They work well with my weird toes, except they kind of slip off my feet. I’ll have to wear them with some socks. Can’t be too picky, they’re new shoes. Now I have a new pair of shoes that I get before Christmas that are cute. OOOooOOOO! I should have more dreams.


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