14 May

Hi All! I wanted to let you know that I have moved. You may find me at Thank you!


Flares, Side Effects and Kick-Off

11 Mar

Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve had a flare. Unfortunately, the streak is over. On Wednesday, it came back and let me tell you, it came back with a vengeance!!

Usually my mornings start off slower than the non auto-immune person does. I have to start my morning with 45 minutes worth of alarm and the famous snooze button in order to get up in time like everyone else. I don’t have the luxury of setting the alarm once and then getting up. All planning, all in advance, always 45 minutes. However, Wednesday, it ended up taking me an hour and half to actually get out of bed. As I rolled over to turn-off the alarm clock, I noticed I couldn’t open my left eye. As I squinted through the bedroom, trying to avoid obstacles, I finally made it to the bathroom, grabbed a wash cloth and slowly worked my way into opening my left eye. Then, there it was, evidence I didn’t have a great night, my left eye was as bright red as the Target logo.


As my morning continued, my body decided to hate me even more. I had a flare in my lower back AND in my left hip. Then the pain that was caused in my hip annoyed and affected my left knee. The song that I used to sing as a kid rang through my head all day!! You know the one…‘the ankle bone is connected to the leg bone, leg bone is connected to the thigh bone’. Who knew, that was so true!! Especially with those who have connecting arthritis issues.

By the time I got to work, I was in too much pain. It was one of those days where you arrange to get up to do multiple things all at once, instead of getting up constantly. When I finally saw myself in the mirror, my eye turned into a darker red. As quickly as I could, I returned back to my desk and cancelled my Remicade appointment and scheduled it for two weeks later and then re-scheduled my eye appointment to be as soon as possible, which was two days later. Not great, but something I could manage.

Well, today, is Friday and this morning, I visited my eye doctor. We’ll call him Dr. Eye (cute, huh?!) Anyway, Dr. Eye said it is the same infection that I had a month ago. Apparently this is a chronic eye condition and I will be stuck with it because of my auto-immune disease, ankylosing spondylitis, but even more so because I’m on Remicade.

So, here I am, having a ton more side-effects from Remicade and taking a TON more medication just to bare off the side-effects of the Remicade.

I think we’ve finally figured out a solution, but the only way to know is to continue trial-and-error at least for a month, but probably longer.

Because of the Remicade, some of the side effects are sinus infection, chronic dry eye, and chronic dry skin. SUPER!!

So, here are the medications I’m now on daily, along with what I’m doing to keep the rest of it at bay!

~ Nasonex at least once a day to worn off any sinus infection

~ Restasis to worn off any dry eye complex.

~ Punctum Plugs to be placed into my tear ducts every 3 months

~ Baby oil every morning to my entire body just to try and retain SOME moisture.

~ 20 pills to aid in vitamins and minerals I’m already taking naturally (naturally = what I eat)

~ 4 pills for other medication purposes

~ Currently an antibiotic for my left eye

Wow, wasn’t that just super fun!!  However, I think the reason why I’m doing so well is because I have a positive attitude towards my health. It is what it is. I write a health progress report daily and bring it into all of my doctor appointments. How else am I going to cover all of my pain and symptoms, let alone remember thanks to the Brain FOG that comes with flares, in a single 18 minute doctor appointment.

So, with that being said, I’m really excited that we had our Arthritis Kick-Off last Sunday. I’m proud to report we had 75 people attend. A first for our Denver area and we received a lot of fantastic compliments. We changed it up a bit this year. The committee contacted each team captain from the previous 2 years and invited them to sign-up for the walk, but also to invite them to the Kick-Off. Then, we made sure our honorees had advance notice so they could invite their famly, friends, and co-workers. I think it also helps having a Medical Honoree who is a well known doctor in the Denver area. Most of his office came on Sunday and it was amazing to see professionals in the Rhuematology field get so excited about our walk!

The kick-off was also based around March Madness! We gave away a couple of prizes for best Team Spirit, number of team attendees, best nerf shoot, and most raised. It was amazing and I just know that the Denver Arthritis Walk will be even more amazing this year. The love and support just continues to grow!

I encourage you to donate to the Arthritis Walk!! I’m currently hosting a team and would love it if you joined my team and raised funds, supported my efforts, consider a donation or all of the above!! It’s a fantastic event, for a fantastic cause! 80% of your donation will go directly to help fund research, educational programs, a cure and so much more! So, if you’re sick of the way you’re feeling, tired of all the medication, or wish there was another one you could try because you’ve tried all of them, then please consider donating today!! I only hope that in my life time, I will see a cure to this awful disease, but if its not possible, then a cure to all the Side Effect Madness!


You can support me, the wonderful cause, and all the other #spoonies out there by visiting


7 Feb

As I reflect back on the last year with my arthritis, I am reminded quite clearly how far I’ve come and what a battle it truly was. A year ago, I was battling a sore hip, a sore knee, and a sore attitude. It took great personal reflection to find out how my arthritis was affecting me, what I was going to put up with, and what distance I could go to recover from it. New Year’s resolutions were broken and my dog, Mizar, ended up in a pretty serious accident which resulted in the removal of his hip joint. This is something I took personally since I was going through hip issues myself at the time. My Dr. Rheumy of 9 years, who was my trusted advisor, part of the family, and friend, retired. At the time it felt like he left me and my disease. I was left with a new doctor, new infusion center, and new pain.

However, a few short months later, I prospered!! I’m happy to report my new Dr. Rheumy is understanding, caring, and truly a new friend. My new Infusion Center respects my opinions, is involved with the Walk, and asked me to participate in a photo shoot for their new brochure. However, above all of that, they actually care for my well-being and inform me how dangerous biologic drugs really are!!

I think the best part of my news is I’ve been able to control my new arthritis pain. After months of trial and error with increase in medication, x-rays, and doctor visits, the best thing that has been able to decrease my pain is EXERCISE AND MOVEMENT!! I walked into my first ZUMBA class in October 2010 and FELL IN LOVE! ZUMBA is my new ‘drug’ and is something I’m not willing to skip out on, if at all possible! THE PAIN JUST ISN’T WORTH IT!! I get mad when I don’t make a class and I talk about it consistently. The passion for dance has returned! The pain in my hip, knee, and attitude has depleted!

With such success of with exercise and movement with my type of arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, my challenge is to make a difference in our community by participating in the Denver Arthritis Walk as part of “Let’s Move Together”, the Arthritis Foundation’s nationwide movement. The best part – I’m not moving alone. By joining the Arthritis Walk I became a part of nationwide movement of like-minded people who want to get a healthier lifestyle and change lives at the same time. The Let’s Move Together Movement encourages people to move to prevent or treat arthritis. HOW COOL IS THAT???

Please consider SPONSORING me or someone you LOVE with arthritis at our local Denver Arthritis Walk. Please support me by making a donation to help fund arthritis research, education, and community programs. I NEED YOUR EFFORT AND HELP IN ORDER TO ENSURE A LONG AND FULFILLING LIFE FOR MYSELF AND FELLOW SURVIVORS. And don’t stop there! Think about getting more involved by joining my team or starting one of your own. I’d love to have you ‘move’ with me.

I appreciate your support and on behalf of the people who live with arthritis pain, THANK YOU!


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17 Nov

First off, I want to apologize about the length of time between this post and the last. A lot has been going on but I really only want to focus on the positives!

Lately, I have been thinking about the things I’m most grateful for. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I think there is no better time, but to be honest I have been thinking about it for over a month. To re-cap, in the middle of October I received a free three-month subscription to 24 Hour Fitness. How did I get so lucky? Well, back in 2004, I originally had a membership with them. Apparently during that time, they retained credit card information and it ended up being stolen. YIKES!! Well, someone sued and I opted to be in the lawsuit, which resulted in a free three-month membership. Glad you asked, huh?

Anyway, I was extremely excited about receiving this that I looked online for all the closest gyms near my house and near my work so I could capitalize on the three months of membership. After a bit of research and some luck, I found a few classes, including Yoga and Dance classes. I always wanted to try ZUMBA as I heard great things about it.  Especially the dance styles and how they mix them up to create one. PERFECT! Especially as this used to happen consistently with Winter Guard! I walked into my first ZUMBA class and FELL IN LOVE! I’m in love so bad that I get mad when I don’t make a class. I’m in love so bad that I talk about it consistently and have found a passion with dance again. I am so in love I would probably give up CHOCOLATE…probably! 😉 YES, THAT’S HOW MUCH  LOVE ZUMBA! It reminds me of Winter Guard in a big way. You just dance to have fun. You follow the instructor on the movements, there is no right or wrong way of doing them, and you get a great full body workout. Something I’ve really needed. In recent weeks, they added an additional ZUMBA class to the gym near my house. I’m THRILLED!! With this membership, I also get the luxury of checking out other memberships and have recently taken up more ZUMBA near my work. FANTABULOUS!!

With this membership I also get the comfort of using the gym equipment as well. Because of the issues with my hip, I have sworn off running. I really enjoy running; I find it fun and relaxing, especially with my dog, but the pain afterwards is not worth it. AT ALL!!  So, I’ve moved on to better cardio exercises. I had plenty of input from friends, family, and doctors. Almost all of them told me to try the elliptical but to me it’s a strange movement! So, that really only leaves the bike.

I read an article in SELF magazine when I was at a Remicade treatment about interval training. They gave some examples of interval training and it reminded me of Winter Guard. How? You go full force for a couple of minutes and then cool down for a minute or so. So, I tried it. Well, you may of guessed it. I FELL IN LOVE! (and we all know how I am when I FALL IN LOVE!). Here is why I fell in love:

  • Interval training is the best idea ever. It created goals for me instantly, kept my mind focused, and my body felt worked out when I was done.
  • I was sore afterwards, but the good kind of sore. An accomplishment kind of sore. It’s the feeling of knowing you created this pain INTENTIONALLY.
  • The pain in my hip started to be decreased. WAIT WHAT? DECREASED!!!
  • I was able to do 5 miles in 30 minutes. A HUGE ACCOMPLISHMENT CONSIDERING I HAVE ARTHRITIS IN ALL OF MY LOWER JOINT oh, and the fact that I haven’t worked out in over 6 months!!

That first week I worked out 3 times. I was so proud of myself! I went from being a couch potato to being someone who works out 3 times a week, IN MY FIRST WEEK! I knew I was hooked. Two weeks later I had my first Remicade appointment since starting this. It was a great feeling of telling Dr. Rheumy of my accomplishments and new goals. Especially as we didn’t increase my medication, after all! WAHOO!! LESS PAIN AND LESS MEDICATION…THIS I WILL KEEP UP!

Then, my bike fulfillment started going down hill. I was finding the routine tougher and getting BORING. I wasn’t accomplishing the same distance in the same amount of time. It was LESS. Okay, now what? I decided to mix it up and add in the ‘random hill’ AND do my interval training. I THOUGHT I WAS GOING CRAZY! BUT…it worked. See for yourself.

ISN’T THAT AWESOME!! I did 8 miles in 30 minutes!! I JUMPED UP 3 MILES AND STUCK WITH MY 30 MINUTES!! That averages to a single mile in less than 4 minutes!! Oh my!! I COULD NEVER ACCOMPLISH THAT WHILE RUNNING.

So, now I’m working out an average to 4 or 5 times a week. My body is usually sore after each work out, but feels much better the next day by the time I hit the gym. I usually never do 3 days in a row. It’s usually 2 days on, 1 day off. Here are the following items I’m doing:

  • BIKE!!
  • ZUMBA!!
  • Weight lifting ~ 3 pounds each arm (will be switching to 5 pounds next week! EEK!)
  • Stretching (absolutely crucial to release the toxins!)
  • Ab exercises (I HATE THESE!!)
  • Dancing

Wait, dancing and ZUMBA? WHAT? Yes, that’s right. This last Sunday, a song popped up on my iPod from my Winter Guard days. I was doing my normal stretching routine and BAM!! I started doing these dance moves that just came out of no where. AND THEN I WAS REPEATING THEM, OVER, OVER, AND OVER AGAIN!! I mean, I’m repeating the song and doing the SAME dance routine consistently. Some of my routines from Winter Guard are coming back. YES!!! So, now I’m doing the dance routine with weights in my hands. THAT changes the entire routine to a new level. I LOVE IT!!

So, today, I’m excited for my Remicade appointment to tell him about the most recent accomplishment. BUT to find out about my blood test results four weeks ago. It would be great see some items GO DOWN!!

So, what do you do to keep ‘moving’? If you have arthritis, how do maintain your arthritis and keep it under control? If you don’t have arthritis, what exercise routines are you trying? What are your favorites? I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW!!


30 Aug

I started writing my blog about my latest doctors’ visits and got REALLY UPSET about what I was saying. The entry explained in detail of what was said at these appointments, what happened, and the new steps in my life. It’s hard to explain appointment because I still feel as if I’m living in it. I’m still seeing the results from the exam and the latest blood tests. It’s now to the point where I’m getting my blood drawn once a week because something showed up. Last week my sodium levels were too low. This week my calcium levels are too high. It feels there is nothing like getting your blood drawn and getting a phone call from your doctor saying “Oh, well this (insert issue here) is NOT NORMAL. We are putting in another order to get your blood drawn, just so we can check it.” I get it. What’s one more 15 minute trip to get my blood drawn, a poke, and seeing blood being drawn into a tube? Then of course the famous swab over the injection side and then what feels like the entire role of tape wrapped around your arm. Because you don’t feel BIONIC ENOUGH?! I do know what it DOES makes you feel like – that your arm is going to fall off without all of the tape; maybe not. But it definitely makes you feel like something is wrong with you.

After my Dr. Rheumy appointment we decided it was best I went back down to 4 vials because of the severe fatigue. I can’t live my life in severe fatigue for 10 days straight. That means I only get 18 ‘clear’ days before every infusion. That’s not me and that is something I’m not willing to sacrifice to feel relief from the pain. I recently have declined an MRI visit because quite frankly I just can’t afford them right now and my health insurance won’t cover it. Plus, if they find something, it will probably result in surgery and I’m not at that point in my life yet. I would like to EXHAUST every option I have before considering another ‘western’ medicine. I’ve seen the new Dr. Rheumy since March with more visits than I care to admit and yet, the pain in my hip has increased tenfold. What’s a girl to do?

So, I’m going back to my roots of what makes me happy. It has been quite the journey that last several years of figuring out WHO I AM, WHAT I’M CAPABLE OF, AND HOW STRONG I AM. There is a part of that I lost and a part I’m finding again. But the best part? I’m discovering a new part that I’m just beginning to tap into.

The part that I lost is my dancing. I don’t dance well anymore, however if a good beat comes onto the radio I still know how to keep with it. Get me a country song with some steps and I’m all over it though! I’ve had to realize and let go that the dance routines making days are over.

The part that I’m finding again is my love for yoga. It has been quite the journey over the summer. I get up early on a Saturday morning, travel 30 minutes to go to a free 1 hour yoga class in the sun. Some think that I’m crazy, however it sooths my soul. I’m calm, happy, and free. I’m able to express myself on a low activity level and I’m able to handle stressful situations better, which in turn calm my nerves. I’m also able to take a step back from a situation, analyze it in a critical way and reassess. I’m sad to say that my Yoga in the Park adventure is coming to an end this Labor Day weekend. But with my husband finding old yoga passes that I bought 2 YEARS AGO will help continue the journey. I CAN’T WAIT!! I also just signed up for 5 more classes for $25 through a Social Living website promotion. I love these group coupons. It makes it easier to do the things I love at with my tight budget.

The new part I’m discovering about myself is to ask for help. Because of my past dance experience I think I’m pretty well acquainted with some proper stretches for my hip. HOWEVER, THEY ARE JUST NOT WORKING!! So, a friend of mine, who happens to be a nurse, offered to teach me some hip stretches. I hope that will strengthen my hip to better serve the pain. If not, at least I’m rekindling a friendship!

The next new part that I’m discovering about myself is my creative side. As I promised in my last entry was to talk about my entrepreneurship. Because of the support, trust, and love of family and friends I started to embrace and love the things I was making. Getting the compliments on them always helped too! I am now starting a handmade business in accessories and cards.

At the moment I’m making Ribbon Roses

Ruffle Headbands

Thank you cards – 

This past weekend I attended another ribbon flower class and learned how to make new flowers. I’m super excited about this and I can’t wait to take pictures of my amazing new accomplishment!

As I mentioned before, I recently took up sewing. Here is a picture of me in the outfit I made for my friends’ wedding. If I do say ‘sew’ myself, not bad for my first outfit!!

You can find my stuff on I also set-up a facebook page called Owlet Design. I would absolutely love if you took the time to explore my stuff. Let me know your feedback and if there is anything you would like to see, let me know. I think these items make great gifts, especially for the friend who needs just a little extra love that day.

I guess with all of this exploration I’m learning to take things as they come. I’m trying to remember not to sweat the small stuff, but if I do, I try to laugh HARD about it. If that isn’t possible…I’ll craft it out.

Silver Lining

12 Aug

Okay. So it’s been a while… I’m sorry about disappearing. Ever since my food poisoning I just haven’t been the same. I’m not talking about the new improved me; the one who got up every morning and ran. NOPE!! I’m talking about my energy level and how it dropped like a rocket ever since I got sick and it’s even worse than before I increased my dosage. I miss the person who had at least SOME MOTIVATION to get up and stay awake ALL DAY LONG!! My energy level is drained and I’m more sensitive to the pain I’m experiencing. I haven’t really done the right amount of exercise. Okay, not even a little bit of exercise.

Usually after my infusion of 5 vials every four weeks I go straight home and crash out. The last treatment I came home, crashed, and then woke up at 8pm. Starving at the time, I realized that my husband had vacuumed the entire house and I slept through the entire thing. CRAP.

That weekend I barely moved. I didn’t want to do anything, see anyone, or talk to anyone. I found myself watching Harry Potter in sequence…backwards. Wow, he grew up fast, didn’t he? And what is up with Emma Watson and her new hairstyle…

Sorry, I’m back…of course, when it came to Monday, I felt like crap. Not physically, but mentally. I didn’t want to be at work hearing my co-workers have a fantastic weekend and they did all these great outdoor activities, while I was a hermit in my basement watching Harry Potter like some psycho. Damn.

So, of course Tuesday I had a mental breakdown – one of those “I hate my life and everything in it.” I just had to cry and let everything out. What was I thinking? Because Wednesday, it looked like I got hit with an allergy attack. Like someone shoved a cat in my face. Nope, that’s just me doing my normal, stupid releasing of emotions. However, little did I realize that it took me twice as long to get over that fit. The increase in the drug is doing strange things to my body that I haven’t had to deal with in over 8 years.

As time has progressed from my ‘allergy attack’ I have become more aware of my body, emotions, and my pain. Is it better to shut up and put up with the pain if it beats feeling emotionally and mentally drained? I decided that instead of sitting on the couch like a stump that I was going to go do something about it; maybe not running, but something. Well, I’m good at crafting, so let’s see if I can exceed my expectations with it. AND BOY DID I DO SO!!

My mom surprised me with an early Christmas present the week of my body revelation. It was a book about ribbon work and how to make ribbon flowers. PERFECT! I immediately jumped in and then was confused. However, the author of the book was having a class in about a week. HELLO FATE!! She didn’t have any seats available…however she made an exception for ME!!! I absolutely loved it and turned my one pink rose into a headpiece and broach.

Of course, I decided within that same week I was going to make 25 individual thank you notes for a co-workers baby shower, ended up missing the shower because of a doctor’s appointment, but I did get a load of compliments on them and asked if I sell my cards. LIGHT BULB WENT OFF! Maybe I should start selling my cute crafts online and earn some money (hopefully!) So, I’m in the middle of working on 50 thank you notes for my friend’s wedding, a dress for myself, 4 headbands and 2 black roses for another friend’s wedding. Usually when I craft, I’m stressed, so does this mean I’m just overwhelmed or just passionate? I think maybe a little bit of both.

So here I am, taking a break from a marvelous revelation and the process of my body. I have a doctor’s appointment with my new ‘real’ rheumatologist tomorrow. I plan to prepare for the best appointment EVER. I’ll explain after my appointment…

More details about my new ‘design’ company and what it will all entail, along with PICTURES. Until then, always keep in mind that there is a silver lining to every cloud; it’s just up to you to find it!

Food Poisoning and Remicade

23 Jun

Well, once again, I got swamped with work and house stuff. It probably didn’t help that I was sick for a week and boy was I SICK!! On a Tuesday evening,  I met up with some friends and then proceeded onto dinner. There we met up with two more girls, ordered some drinks, ordered some grub, and chatted. All normal, typical girls evening. Then we went to see the movie Sex and the City 2. I personally think the movie was better than what the critics had to say. I could totally relate to the ‘quad’. For example: some of my friends have babies, some don’t, and some don’t want them at all. I couldn’t stop laughing. A great way to end my Girls Night Out (GNO). However, it didnt end. When I got home I felt like crap. No other words can explain it other than CRAP. I was extremely cranky, moody, and tired. I decided to go to bed immediately because hopefully it would just pass. Especially as what I ate was FISH TACOS with tomato sauce. If I knew it had tomatoes in it, I wouldn’t of ordered it. Anyway, who does that – add tomatoes to a FISH TACO! A regular taco, no problem, but a FISH TACO. You’ve got to be kidding me!

I woke up and was dragging my feet. It took forever for me to get ready, and then it took forever to get to work. Oh the joys of commuting 36 miles round trip a day just for work. While I was stuck in traffic, I started to not feel so well…internally. My stomach was grumbling AND THEN – BAM!!!!! It hit me. I had to rush to the women’s restroom (at work! GROSS!) and vomited. I hate throwing up anyway, but to add it in a bathroom I don’t like, with people I see 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, makes it all that much worse. My co-worker and BFF insisted I go home immediately. I’m glad I did. I wouldn’t of made it home if I stayed around. Could you imagine being stuck at work, feeling like crap, with no one to take you home, because you LIVE SO FAR AWAY? What is a girl to do? I guess you just crawl under your desk and DIE. Yup, glad I went home.

Honestly, I don’t remember the drive. Wow 18 miles of not knowing. That’s kind of scary but I’m still glad I went home! By the time I got home, I immediately changed into my PJs and crawled into bed. I started shaking in 90 degree weather, cursing at the body temperature flux, and waking up every hour. The rest of the details are, well, you can pretty much guess if you’ve ever been sick. If not, why are you reading this story?!

That evening I went downstairs to curl up on my couch, escape from the heat and body chills, and relax in front of my 42” flat screen TV. As I’m watching TV on the GIANT SCREEN with MY DVR, I started to get body aches. So, I get up and move to a different couch. Bad idea. It got worse!! But, of course, I didn’t want to take any Tylenol, because let’s face it, I couldn’t keep ANYTHING DOWN! An hour passed by and I was in so much pain it hurt to blink.  My body aches got worse and I was having a FLARE. The problem is, I’ve never in my ENTIRE life have I ever experienced that kind of pain at one time. Usually, when I get flares, it’s in one joint. Lately, my left hip or in the past, my right ankle. This time, it was my ENTIRE lower body! Every toe, both knees, hips, ankles, and my BACK! Just sharing this story with you makes my joints hurt with the painful memories. I immediately shoved 2 Tylenol down my throat and this is the conversation I had with my stomach:

Me: “Stomach, SUCK IT UP!”

Gut: *grumble grumble*

Me: “I’m warning you. Arthritis sucks and this hurts more than you. So, be warned.”

Gut: *grumble grumble*

Me: “Crap”

Luckily enough, my stomach complied. The flares slowly subsided, but I was still in agony. Finally, the evening came, with cooler temperatures and I crawled (YES CRAWLED!) myself back upstairs to go to bed. I got a decent amount of sleep, however my stomach didn’t want to comply the entire time. Super! Another day off. DRATS! I took it super easy and barely ate a thing for the next few days.

After this experience, Hubby and I decided that it was food poisoning. Why? It’s the only meal where he didn’t have the same thing I had over the last 4 days. How did we know? My FOOD LOG!! Good old Food Log! AND STUPID FISH TACOS!! Actually, I don’t think it was the fish, maybe it was, but I eat and LOVE SUSHI, so it probably was that stupid red tomato paste crap that they put on the FISH TACOS! Another reason to avoid tomatoes. I think what was so strange about the situation is that my friend had the same thing I had and it did nothing to her at all. Some people have told me that it can’t be food poisoning.  However, I disagree. It’s my immune system that failed. Since I increased my Remicade medication, my immune system is weak. Once again, I have to adjust to the amount of medication, which means watching what I touch and do. It’s super annoying, but definitely not worth getting sick again!

So, it’s been about a week since my last day of feeling ill and it’s still a slow process. My diet and energy have been lagging drastically. I haven’t been running because sleeping has been difficult. If I can’t sleep, then there is no way I can get up out of bed to go run. Oh the cycle of a low immune system and arthritis. Wow, what a mess. However, there is some good news in my mess. I’m still keeping up with my food log! I feel it has played a special relevance in this adventure. However, I hope by posting this it will give me the encouragement to keep going. To find the strength and energy to get up and run. If I can’t get up in the morning, to go run at night. To do something, other than feeling like I’m not getting anywhere. Here’s to hope…

What do you do when your immune system is weak? Do you take extra vitamins and supplements? Do you go all crazy with the hand sanitizer? What do you do when you go to public places? I’d love to hear from you! 🙂